Reader: From Dollar Tree to Whole Foods? The thigh's the limit

Let us give thanks not just for the bargains at Dollar Tree -- as Jenn Wohletz did in "Get your Thanksgiving dinner from the Dollar Tree" -- but also the samples at Whole Foods, as described in "Whole Foods woos shoppers."

The double whammy of dishes inspired this from GFTW:

Whoa, Whole Paycheck -- quite a step up from Dollar Tree! Jenn must've gotten a promotion, or a job at Twin Peaks! Mmmm, macerated pears & apples... is it made by the friendly sample staff in a manner similar to Amazonian chicha??

The comments keep coming about the Dollar Tree post -- and about the quality of Dollar Tree goods in general. Writes Victoria Grace:

I understand the satire of the article so I'm not really offended, but there may be a misconception amongst some in society that food from the Dollar Tree is bottom-of-the-line.Yeah, some food IS but most isn't. I love to buy groceries from the Dollar Tree -- I find it a lot of fun that I can get everything from chicken thighs to fresh bread and (really good quality) cold cuts for a fraction of the price I'd be paying at supermarkets for (really) the same kind of products. I don't shop there because I'm poor (I'm not) -- I shop there because I'm super frugal and am always hunting for a bargain, no matter how much money is in my purse. I also shop at Wegman's, which is a very upscale gourmet supermarket. I just love paying low prices! For the same reason, I adore thrifting and getting freebies online.

Really, the food there is NOT bad--I've had quite a few yummy meals from there. :)

As for the samples at Whole Foods, Doughboy observes:

I saw a disgusting hipster load up about a dozen cubes of parrano cheese "samples" to stuff into his mouth from the display. That was about 4 bucks worth of a very expensive imported cheese. He didn't look homeless or anything, so for the life of me I can't figure out why someone would feel so entitled to make a glutton of himself on free samples.

Where do you shop? Dollar Tree? Whole Foods? Wegman's? The latter is a favorite of former Westword critic Jason Sheehan, but we don't have the chain in Colorado. Should we?

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