Reader: Gabor's regulars may be sad that the bar's closing, but neighbors are celebrating

Of all the restaurant/bar closings that have been announced recently, none have caused the outpouring of comments that followed the relevation that Gabor's, a Capitol Hill institution, will be closing sometime this month. Fans are lamenting the end of an old-time joint with one of the greatest jukeboxes in town and very loyal regulars.

But rather than one of them stepping up to buy the place, which has reportedly been on the market for a while, Sam Roots, the owner of the Providence Tavern in Edgewater, is buying it, and will turn it into the Marion Street Tavern this year.

While most of the comments are sad, some are celebratory:

Says Reardon:

These people haven't been sober enough to read a sign or figure out what's going on in their neighborhood for a long time.

I spoke with all my neighbors last night. They couldn't be more excited about that place being cleaned up.

How do you feel about Gabor's? Post your thoughts below, or join the Gabor's conversation already under way here -- with more than 150 comments already posted.

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