Reader: Gabor's replacement will show what the suburbs think Capitol Hill is all about

The comments keep coming about Gabor's, the classic neighborhood bar whose closure was the biggest bombshell of the new year; the space is slated to become Marion Street Tavern this summer. In the meantime, regulars keep pouring out their opinions.

Here's the latest from Boz:

C'mon y'all, give the new place a chance. With an updated menu and wall decorations that reflect what suburbanites think Capitol Hill character is all about, it should be awesome. It will be just like Applebees, but more personal because it has the name of a real Denver street. Really, it has Marion right in the name! Also, the jukebox could use an update. It will have some hip new music, but I bet there will still be some old classics, like Bon Jovi and The Eagles. As a matter of fact, I look forward to watching the game at Nicolo's with some bros while Hotel California plays in the background, and then walking over to MST (Marion Street Tavern - get it?) at a commercial without missing any of the action, and still being able to sing the chorus to the same song with a drunken bachelorette party. Awesome!

Read the original post about Gabor's closing, along with 193 comments (as of 6 a.m. this morning), here.

And without Gabor's, we have a sudden opening on our list of Denver's ten best dive bars, which we'll publish here tomorrow. Any suggestions?

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