Reader: Go to Costco if you don't like Opus's prices -- no one is making you go out

After Opus left Littleton last summer, it moved up to Cherry Creek, where it merged with Aria. Last week chef Sean McGaughey unveiled the new look and menu of Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar at 250 Josephine, a location that has swallowed up many previous occupants.

Can the Opus/Aria combination brighten this former black hole? Not at the prices it's charging, says Bugsycook: "How much do they charge for that order of 3 bites of filet mignon? $18.00." See also: - Photos: Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar upgrades both the menu and bar - Chef and Tell: Sean McGaughey, exec chef of Opus, on his disdain for spaghetti - Opus relocates to Cherry Creek

But that inspired this response from bonvivant:

So, go to Costco. No one is making you go out to eat. You can always buy ingredients cheaper at the grocery and prepare it yourself. Quality versus quantity. Believe it or not, the food at the restaurant actually sometimes tastes better than your own cooking. Maybe because the chefs are professionals who have studied cuisine and prepared food for years, working very long hours in restaurant kitchens developing their skills. Maybe their portions are actually the correct serving sizes? Maybe you won't get obese eating there.

Have you eaten at Opus Restaurant & Aria Wine Bar? What do you think of the food? The value? And to read more from bugsycook, go to the comments here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.