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Reader: Good luck finding a parking place around "vibrant" areas like Baker

Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink opens this weekend with a diner/coffeeshop up front, eight bowling lanes, a lounge with a marbles table, three ping-pong tables, a pool table, two big bars...and 85 parking places in front, with another lot that will hold over forty cars half a block away.

But will that be enough for a neighborhood were parking is already at a premium? See also: - Here it is! Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink opens to the public on Saturday - Exclusive first look: the culinary creations at Punch Bowl - Social Food & Drink

Yesterday's post on Punch Bowl Social inspired a traffic jam of comments from Denver Dave and Mantonat, two of the finalists in the Westword Denver's Web Awards that will be announced tonight, not just on the parking situation in the Baker district, but other hot spots around town.

Says Mantonat:

I predict that people don't care about parking when it comes to dining out, hitting trendy spots, and having fun. Maybe the Baker residents will be annoyed, but such is the price for living within walking distance of such a vibrant commercial district.

Says Denver Dave:
Tell it to the neighbors bordering South Gaylord, South Pearl, West Wash Park, West 32nd and Lohi. All of those areas have been successful in lobbying the city to restrict parking on neighboring streets. Good luck finding a parking place around these "vibrant" areas. The city's master plan presumes foot traffic but we all know that is a joke. Try and find a parking place near Root Down, LInger, LIttle Man, Vita, Lola, Central, LoHi Steak Bar, Sushi Den, Devil's Food,, Izakaya, Black Pearl, Bittersweet, Cafebar, Finley's Pub to name a few. Vibrant areas, yes. Adequate parking - not so much.

What's the toughest neighborhood for for parking in metro Denver?

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