Reader: Grandma's House Is Just Like My Grandma's House — But With Beer!

Grandma's House is an unusual place — and it's not just the old-lady decor. Founder Matthew Fuerst calls Grandma’s House a “collective brewery” because he gives would-be brewery owners and breweries-in-planning a chance to try out their recipes on his brewing system and then have the beers they create served at Grandma's on tap. Several of these in-house “grandkids,” as he calls them, have poured their creations in the past six months. But the problem, as Jonathan Shikes reports here, is that breweries-in-planning aren’t allowed to represent themselves as breweries since they don’t yet have liquor licenses. While Grandma's House works out those kinks with the state, it's finding plenty of fans of the concept, the ambiance and the beer (of course). Says Ryan:

I love this place. It's just like my own grandma's house, except with a ton of beer.

Have you been to Grandma's House? What do you think of the "collective brewery"? The crafty decor? What's your favorite craft-beer joint in town?

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