Reader: Green Chile Might Have Been Born in New Mexico, But Denver Perfected It!

Mark Antonation is dreaming of a green Christmas, and so he's spooning up green chile all month in Ethniche. Yesterday his quest took him to Tacos Jalisco -- not that you're going to find Colorado-style green chile in Jalisco, Mexico. What you'll find at Denver's Tacos Jalisco is Colorado gravy, he writes, "the traditions of many different cooks, all simmered down into one viscous bowl." Those traditions come from many areas, including Mexico and New Mexico. See also: In the Thick of It -- Colorado Green Chile at Tacos Jalisco

Says Steven;

Green chile stew has been a staple in New Mexico for generations, though. Perfected a long time ago by abuelitas in NM.

Says Megan:

"Green chile" might have be born in New Mexico, but Denver perfected gringo green chile!!

Says Julia:

Is it too much to ask that everything be covered in green chili? ;)

When you want a good bowl of green chile, where do you go in metro Denver?

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