Reader: Gumbo's will be a welcome addition to Uptown...so long, Kuhlman

The space at 1033 East 17th Avenue is about to get a new occupant....its fourth in a fast-moving year. Daniel Kuhlman, who originally had Tastes in this spot, then replaced it with Wild Catch, then replaced that with Roam, which closed abruptly this week, has a deal with Gary Hvizda, one of the original owners of the downtown Gumbo's (whose address is now home to The Kitchen), who'll be bringing seafood back to this spot with a new Gumbo's.

Lori Midson had the details on the new Gumbo's yesterday -- it should open in April -- and this latest chapter in a very fast-moving story inspired this from 5280Man:

I, for one, welcome the tastes of Gumbo's to Uptown! I think they will be a much better taste to fit the neighborhood. Who cares what the short term interests were of Kuhlman. Let him be gone (troublemaker). And why should a new owner be charged with the employment of former employees. Let Hvizda get the people here feels will work the way he wants them to. It says nothing about Hvizda's character. Anyway, he clearly says he invites former employees to contact him.

Will Gumbo's find a safe harbor in this spot? Post your thoughts below. And for a recap of Kuhlman's now infamous finger-wagging -- which Midson caught on film -- go here here.

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