Reader: Gunther Toody's gave me some nice memories -- twenty years ago

The first Gunther Toody's in Denver is gone, and although there are still six more along the Front Range, the closing of this location at 4500 East Alameda opened the floodgates on a lot of memories. Bree Davies recalled how in the '90s, she met her first love in this fake '50s diner; regulars remembered the big breakfasts and waiters dressed as Marilyn Monroe. And others mentioned the long waits and dirty dining room as reasons why they were never regulars.

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But then there's this from steppesmusic:

My dad used to take my sister and I to the one in Colorado Springs every time we eclipsed some sort of physical growth milestone ("You grew two inches. Let's go celebrate!"). Couldn't even tell you what I used to eat, because I was usually way more stoked on the inevitable milkshake or malt I'd order.

I suppose I'm equally to blame for these businesses closing, as I doubt I've been to one in 20 years, but they're a pretty nice memory I won't ever forget.

Do you have memories of Gunther Toody's -- whether fond or not? What are the best diners left in metro Denver?

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