Reader: Guy Fieri is such an irritating douche that he seems to be mocking douches

Jenn Wohletz thinks Guy Fieri is a douche. And she's no hater-come-lately, like many of the folks who read Pete Wells's recent review of Fieri's new restaurant in the New York Times. No, she's been a non-fan since the '90s, and on Friday laid out five reasons why Fieri should get himself to Douchebagistan -- and stay there.

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Many readers agreed with her argument. Says E Wilks (who assures us it's pronounced Wilkt):

I've never seen a woman open a such cornucopia of versions of the word douche, but for the occasion of commenting on the Mayor (and bus driver) of Douchetown, Guy Fieri, was a perfect reason for it.

It was great to see that someone else understood that the review put out by Pete Wells wasn't just because the food sucked (although, I'm confident it did). The reason for the review was that Guy Fieri is such an over-the-top, irritating douche that he appears to be mocking douches. The irony is that he unabashedly isn't. It's even more ironic that the bulk of America somehow embraces such douchebaggery to the point that, this yam is now a multimillionaire.

Just when I thought I couldn't despise Fieri any more, she tossed in that little gem about his changing his name from Ferry to Fieri and has the audacity to ask people to pronounce it Fee-et-tee...what a douche!

Jenn a very funny writer, it would be great to see her do more of this type of stuff.

So would we! But in the meantime, watch for another installment of Jenn in Chains today, this one focusing on the Monday all-you-can eat deal at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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