Reader: Gypsy House sends a curse of "white lightn" to Starbucks lover

That colorful stretch of 13th Avenue in Capitol Hill is getting a new polish, with the upcoming opening of Jelly and other developments outlined today in a Denver Post story about "the punk-rock block." But before these businesses came along, there was the Gypsy House. And after our recent report on a car crashing into that neighborhood hangout, a reader criticized its coffee -- prompting this response from Lulu:

umm this is my coffee shop well its my moms and i dnt accept that term up there carly.actually we have the best coffee in the whole damn denver area and with out gypsy house ur fat butt could be at starbucks sippin 2000 calories thru a straw.and something else you little hatin beezie if u dnt like our coffee then dont come to gypsy house!aINT nobody welcomed there that wants to hate cause they dnt have enough money to own a sexy coffe shop like ours.hookah bars started copyiung us when we opend.you need to get yo facts straight! have a nice day and even though i...dispise u i wish white lightn upon yo butt!=)

The more things change....

And speaking of change, Cafe Society introduced a new, improved commenting system yesterday. Let us know what you think.

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