Word of Mouth

Reader: Hard to Beat Denver's Simple, Mexican Street-Style Tacos

The news that Moontower Tacos had closed last week struck some fans hard — but others aren't going to miss the place. Says Steve:
I was excited to see them open. Stopped in to find not one single option without cilantro. For someone who loves tacos and Mexican food in general, that was a slap in the face and I never went back.
Adds Brian:   
Expensive and slow service. Took over 30 minutes to get 3 tacos, one guy threw his in the trash on the way out. Hard to beat our simple, Mexican street-style tacos.
You're in luck: We're celebrating tacos in the print edition of Westword and on the web all week; watch for Mark Antonation's first piece later this morning. In the meantime, we'd like to know where you go when you get a hankering for street tacos. Which carts, trucks and walk-ups should be the taco the town?
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