Will Denver diners be over mac and cheese in 2015?
Will Denver diners be over mac and cheese in 2015?

Reader: Having a Yelp Account Doesn't Make You a Food Critic

At the end of 2014, Jenn Wohletz served up five food trends that need to die in 2014 -- including snoozy mac-and-cheese rehashes. Mac fans were quick to respond to that suggestion, while other readers trashed more trends. See also: Snoozy Mac-and-Cheese Rehashes and Other Food Trends That Need to Die

Says Joel:

You know what trend needs to die in Denver? Everyone thinking they're a foodie because they watched Anthony Bourdain's show a couple times. Hipster, please -- you're not a craft-beer expert, and quit acting like you'd die without your "pour over" coffee, when ten years ago you couldn't bother to cross Larimer Street to go to The Market instead of Starbucks.

I appreciate what's going on in my city. I LOVE that we're not considered a culinary joke anymore. But just living here and having a yelp account doesn't make every last one of us a food critic.

What do you think of amateur restaurant critics on Yelp? What do you think of the reviews by our professional critic, Gretchen Kurtz?

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