Reader: Here's a tip for Kyle Garratt -- get a different job

After thirteen years in the restaurant business, Kyle Garratt knows what it means to be in the weeds. Still, he's really feeling the heat after posting the first of what will be a series of weekly waiter's rants under the "In the Weeds" title.

Among the readers fueling the fire was Ryan L., who offered this:

I have worked in the service industry for over half my life and am continually insulted by my fellow employees who bitch about things like this. Getting 'verbal tips' is just part of the job, it all evens out at the end of the night, and if you can't pay your rent with your serving job, than get a different job. you are choosing to work in an industry where you rely on people's judgement, if you don't like it, and want to post a blog with a big middle finger holding a tray as a picture in your blog, you may not be the most cheery, witty server out there. Quit your bitching or get a different job.

Have any other tips for Garratt? Post them below.

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