Reader: Highland hipsters should not co-opt soul food, unlike every other cultural cuisine

Adrian Miller wrote the book on soul food -- even though while he was growing up in the Denver suburbs, there weren't many places he could get soul food beyond his own kitchen. But while there still aren't many soul-food restaurants in Denver, there are at least five that Miller recommends, and we published that list last week.

Later this week, we'll offer his list of the best Southern restaurants in Denver. And please note: Miller says Southern restaurants are definitely not the same as soul-food restaurants.

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Says Stanley1:

Hopefully soul food, unlike seemingly every other type of cultural/regional/ethnic cuisine these days, will not be (attempted) to be co-opted by some wanna-be chic hipster Highlands or Cap Hill douchebag, who twists it, "fuses it," and opens some trendy, short-lived joke. Of course, if Westword flogged every one of those said establishments, its pages would be pretty bare, wouldn't it?

At the risk of a flogging, we have to ask: Would you like to see more soul-food restaurants in Denver? And if so, where would you like to see them?

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