Reader: Highland Tavern could be the last true neighborhood bar in Highland

Get over Guy Fieri, readers advise, so we are. But the appearance of Highland Tavern -- "a real neighborhood bar," says one -- on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Monday night has led to an interesting discussion of places new and old in Highland. Complete with an accusation that one popular new establishment, Old Major, is overrun with douchebags who make Fieri look tame. See also: - Watching Guy Fieri is true torture - Watch Guy Fieri eat a pastrami sandwich at Highland Tavern tonight - First look: Old Major now open in Highland

Says WillieStortz:

Guy may be a huge D-Bag but I'll give Highland Tavern a pass for his visit because they may be the last true neighborhood bar left in the area.

If 100 Guy Fieris were at Highland Tavern it still wouldn't have 1/10 as many douchebags as you find at new places like Old Major....

Have you been to Old Major? Highland Tavern? How would you compare the two? And what's your favorite spot in Highland?

You can join the conversation under way here, or just post your thoughts below.

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