Word of Mouth

Reader: Hipsters Do Not Understand Ethnic Foods or Chocolate

Squeaky Bean's Johnny Ballen and his partners will open a new place today: Cochino Taco, a Mexican cantina that's transformed a former gas station into what's sure to become a hip, happening place in a quiet area of Englewood hungry for more eateries. But some readers didn't wait for the opening to send in their reviews of the joint's name — or basic concept. Says Ian: 
Terrible name. Trite concept.
Adds Eric:
I'm waiting for another one of these trendy taco places to open with the translated name of Shit Taco.
Says Clint: 
Hipsters do not understand ethnic foods or chocolate. Great at marketing and presentation, but "you can't polish a turd."
Adds James: 
White folks always take something simple and make it complicated. All I want on my tacos is cebolla y cilantro with salsa and limon not all that other shit.
Concludes Bobert:

Dear White People: Stop opening hip taco places.
What do you think of the Cochino Taco concept?

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