Inside Cochino Taco.
Inside Cochino Taco.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Hipsters Do Not Understand Ethnic Foods or Chocolate

Squeaky Bean's Johnny Ballen and his partners will open a new place today: Cochino Taco, a Mexican cantina that's transformed a former gas station into what's sure to become a hip, happening place in a quiet area of Englewood hungry for more eateries. But some readers didn't wait for the opening to send in their reviews of the joint's name — or basic concept. Says Ian: 

Terrible name. Trite concept.

Adds Eric:

I'm waiting for another one of these trendy taco places to open with the translated name of Shit Taco.

Says Clint: 

Hipsters do not understand ethnic foods or chocolate. Great at marketing and presentation, but "you can't polish a turd."

Adds James: 

White folks always take something simple and make it complicated. All I want on my tacos is cebolla y cilantro with salsa and limon not all that other shit.

Concludes Bobert:

Dear White People: Stop opening hip taco places.

What do you think of the Cochino Taco concept?

Cochino Taco has transformed this old gas station.EXPAND
Cochino Taco has transformed this old gas station.
Mark Antonation

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