Reader: Horse meat argument is the most idiotic thing since your elk vigil piece

Yesterday Jenn Wohletz weighed in on the European horse-meat "scandal," revealing that not only would she eat horse, she'd eat it again. "It's horse meat, not poison, and if horse meat were sold at grocery stores here in the States, I might be nibbling on a haunch of roasted mustang right now," she says.

Would you eat horse? Even the question offended some.

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Says Hillary:

This is the most idiotic thing I've read since you wrote about the elk vigil in Boulder. Trying to convince people it's okay to eat horse because other countries do it is an insult. Plus your persuasive tactics suck ass.

And then there's this from Fernanda:

You just lost me as a reader - permanently.

But Barbara responds:

I do not understand the problem. I lived in Belgium (have Belgian citizenship) and I bought horse meat, cooked horse meat and we ate horse meat and we are all alive today.

Alive, and reading. Add your comments on the horse meat controversy below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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