Reader: Hot dogs in Cherry Creek? Make that haute dogs!

Cherry Creek, once a dining hot spot, has cooled off considerably in recent years. But the area saw several new restaurants join the Creek lineup last year, and two of the first openings of the new year are both in Cherry Creek North. An outlet of Pasquini's , the fifth link in the homegrown chain, opened yesterday, nipping at the heels of Hawt Dog & Sausage Eatery, which started cooking last week.

A hot-dog eatery in Cherry Creek? That inspired this from Jeff:

You would think for Cherry Creek North they would have gone with "Haute Dog."

And this from barslinger:

Can't wait to check it out.........I know that Tonali's carries great, high quality product and many of the top local chefs and restaurants use their products. CCN needs to get off its high horse and have a good hot/hawt dog joint.

What else does Cherry Creek need to regain some of its luster as a top restaurant neighborhood? Join the conversation already under way here -- where you can also read more about Hawt Dog from owner Jeremy Mayer, who promises plenty of vegetarian options...and just about anything else a diner might want.

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