Reader: How are Arby's and other chains still in business when they serve such crud?

What are the worst fast-food joints in the country? Last week Jenn Wohletz offered her list of five chain restaurants that should be put in chains, for various crimes against humanity, good taste -- and often any taste at all.

One of the culprit's? Arby's, which reminded a reader when "one of the kids stranded on a desert island on The Simpsons said, 'I'm so hungry, I could eat Arby's.'" See also: - Five chain restaurants that should be put in chains - Five things Arby's should do to improve its image - Five fast-food chains that should not serve breakfast

But Arby's wasn't the only miscreant. Says Michelle:

Amazingly...I agree with each snarky food review in this article. One has to wonder how places like Arby's and Denny's are still in business as they continue to serve such crud.

And Russ has a suggestion for Jenn's next list:

Higher up on the food chain as a contender, CHEESECAKE FACTORY, just for the fact that they have ADVERTISING in their huge book of a menu. A menu full of bland food.

What are the worst chain restaurants? And does the Cheesecake Factory rate a space on this list?

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