Reader: How healthy is DIA food on a traveler's wallet?

It's been a big week for Denver International Airport. First, it was proclaimed the airport with the healthiest food in the country. And yesterday, USA Today readers voted it the best U.S. airport for art. Whether you love or loathe it, you can't deny that "Mustang," aka Blucifer, has made its mark. But what restaurants and food vendors -- healthy or not -- at DIA can you name? And which would you be willing to eat at again?

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Says Amy:

DIA has a Taco Bell. That's not healthy...if that is what is considered healthy in this country well, then that is embarrassing.

And then there's this from Fred:

Nice promotion for the food shops at DIA. While the food supposedly is the healthiest, how healthy is it on a traveler's wallet?

Good question. What are the best deals you've found at DIA? Price and healthy options aside, what do you consider the best place to eat at the airport? Where would you recommend a to a friend stuck at DIA for three hours between connections?

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