Word of Mouth

Reader: How Much Did the Old Spaghetti Factory Pay You for This Article?

With the holidays come hordes of visiting family members, bringing with them a need to find somewhere, anywhere, that the beleaguered host could take a group to eat. Gretchen Kurtz recently reviewed just such a spot, an oldie and, surprisingly, a goodie: The Old Spaghetti Factory. While the 43-year-old restaurant may not serve food with a KICK!, as its menu promises, the vintage decor, low prices and mild-mannered food have inspired generations to foot the bill, she concludes. But some readers disagree. Says Zenobia:
How much did the Spaghetti Factory* pay you for this article?* It's not the lack of trend that keeps people from the restaurant, it's the food! Sorry, Spaghetti Factory...
When was the last time you ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory? Where would you feed a crowd this holiday season?

*And Zenobia, no one pays for reviews in Westword. Gretchen Kurtz does her work anonymously, and pays for all her meals — as well as the meals of several family members, in this case. Read the review here.

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