Reader: I can eat hipster-healthy at City, O' City and still kick your ass

On Tuesday we offered up our list of Denver's ten best hipster restaurant, and the comments have been flying ever since. Some took issue with the restaurants on the list, others took issue with the concept of the list itself. "Leave the hipster thing alone. It's as annoying as having to piss at 4am," says Evan. "It is cool to make fun of hipsters, cause they suck," wrote Aaron, "and


is the mouth of the hipster beast." But plenty of people put their money where our mouth is.

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Christina, for example, who writes in defense of City, O' City, one of the restaurants on the list:

City, O' City is delicious. I told a friend I was eating there and he called me a hipster. My response to that was if being a hipster means eating fresh and healthy-type ingredients ever so lovingly cooked and put on my plate, then I guess I'm a fuckin' hipster. But I can still kick your ass.

We're ready to give the last word to Christina, a healthy-eating hipster who can still kick ass. Any arguments?

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