El Taco de Mexico: Better than Boone's?
El Taco de Mexico: Better than Boone's?

Reader: I can make better green chile than Boone's on the hood of my car

The Best of Denver 2013 is out, with more than a hundred categories in our Food & Drink section. One of the most hotly contested categories is always Best Green Chile. This year, the readers voted for El Taco de Mexico, a many-time winner. Cafe Society's pick for Best Green Chile was a far more surprising spot: Boone's. See also: - Denver's Best Green Chile 2013: Boone's - Boone's is now smokin' in the DU neighborhood - Who has the best green chile in Denver? El Taco de Mexico

No way does Boone's win, according to Dano323, who comments:

Not even close to being anywhere near the Best...This is a total joke...I can make better on my car's hood..

Obviously, we disagree: Here's our award for Boone's:

Boone's Tavern -- a member of the Pour Kids bar group -- claims that its green chile is "famous," which may be a stretch, but, whoa, is it destined to become that way! The joint's verde, which is actually green -- not red, not orange, not neon, but green -- is prepared mild, medium or hot, and the latter is purgatory on steroids, a medium-thick, invigorating blast of blistering jalapeños, cumin and garlic that's peppered and salted and swamped with tender cubes of pork. And Boone's isn't even a Mexican joint: It's an all-over-the-map catch-all of this, that and everything else that just happens to devote a portion of its menu to Mexican staples, including a Pueblo slopper, which is the optimal canvas for that tasty green chile.

Have you tried the green chile at Boone's? What's your favorite green chile in Denver?


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