Word of Mouth

Reader: I Can Make Better Noodles With a 25-Cent Pack of Ramen

We've been slurping up noodles in anticipation of the Best of Denver 2016, and last week, we stirred things up with our list of the ten best Asian noodle houses in town. With cold weather coming back to the metro area, we're craving noodles again...and our readers have plenty of suggestions for where we should go. Says Alex: 
Uncle is #2?! You guys ever eat there?! Place sucks. Even I can make a better ramen with a 25 cent pack from King Soopers.
But then there's this from Lauren: 
Someone beat out Uncle? Say it isn't so! 
Adds Emmy: 
There are some really good places on here, but Katsu? Come on, guys, have you been there lately? The pork is either cooked to rubber or it's been sitting for too long and is slimy, and the service has only continued to go downhill.
Concludes Rob: 
So nice to see Tokio getting some love. But Tengu and Bubu are both conspicuously missing.
When you want a bowl of noodles, where do you go? What do you consider the best Asian noodle house in town?  Tell us in the comments section — and then vote in the Best of Denver 2016 Readers' Poll so you can help determine this year's winner. The deadline to vote is midnight Friday, February 26.
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