Mockery is a finalist for Best Brewery for Beer.
Mockery is a finalist for Best Brewery for Beer.
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Reader: I Don't Want the "Best of Westword" Curse to Strike Mockery!

Our 32nd Best of Denver issue is about to hit the streets — and the web. Over the years, some categories have disappeared and others have grown, reflecting the boom and bust of fads. But one trend that shows no signs of imploding is Colorado's craft-beer industry, and there will be many beery awards in the 2015 issue, including Best Brewery for Beer. Our beer-obsessed editors have made their own pick, and we'll also reveal the Readers' Choice from five finalists, including Mockery.  Says Nate:

Mockery is some of the best beer I've had in Denver for sure. The only reason I don't hope they win is because of the "best of Westword" curse.

Ah, the Best of Denver curse: Everywhere, while the Best of Denver issue is on the press, one of our winners shuts its doors or suffers some other ignominious fate. What will be the sad victim of the Best of Denver curse in 2015? Keep reading. And in the meantime, watch for the Best of Denver winners on westword.com — and at newstands around town — later today.

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