Reader: I Hope Casa Bonita Never Closes

Casa Bonita

turned forty this year, but time has not stood still in the Lakewood strip mall that holds the world's weirdest Mexican restaurant. Just as Casa Bonita was marking its fortieth birthday in May, the JCRS shopping center was sold for $8 million. The new owners plan to rename the complex Lamar Station Plaza, and give it an upgrade that includes better lighting, an improved parking lot and upgraded facades. By all accounts, Casa Bonita will stay -- but will it stay the same?

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Says Juan:

I hope it never closes. At least until my lifetime is over.

Says Liz:

It's really hard to articulate just how bad, how really really bad, the food is there.

And then there's this poetic turn from Matthew:

I went for the first time last Wednesday after walking seven miles and sat down by the waterfall to a skit between two people with cowboy hats on who couldn't decide whether to shoot each other or kiss.

How do you feel about Casa Bonita? Would you be sorry to see it go?

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