Reader: I hope the Bittersweet deal brings a lot of business -- the restaurant deserves it

Olav Peterson is introducing a new deal at Bittersweet tonight: a three-course, prix-fixe dinner, paired with wines, for $40 -- and only available on non-holiday Thursdays. "As our way of thanking our supporters, we want to focus on giving back to our guests, and one way to do that is by launching a Thursday night tasting menu that's affordable," says Peterson, who opened Bittersweet at the very end of 2010. "Both my staff and I feel that we're better than we've ever been, and and we want to show the community that, too."

One fan definitely recognizes Bittersweet's quality...and both the delights and dangers of this deal. See also: - Bittersweet introduces $40 tasting menu, paired with wines - Review: The only thing bitter about Bittersweet is that you'll have to leave. - Photos: The summer menu at Bittersweet

Says TheJeff:

What an awesome deal. I hope it brings them lots of business, but I don't want to see them compromise the quality of the rest of their a la carte choices to focus on churning out lots of prix fixe meals. In my opinion, Bittersweet has handily trumped Fruition, The Squeaky Bean, Mizuna, et. al. as the best restaurant in Denver for the past two years.

Have you eaten at Bittersweet lately? Post your thoughts below -- or write your own review on the Bittersweet Voice Places page.

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