Reader: I Miss Old Denver — Not This Wannabe New York/California Denver

The Denver dining scene has seen a spate of closings lately, and the news just keeps coming. Gypsy House Cafe must vacate its space at 1279 Marion Street next month; word is the eclectic neighborhood spot will be replaced by a sushi restaurant — and the trademark mural outside will be wiped out. Says Jesse:

Sad to see them go, this place was so unique. "Mama" was always awesome to me and my wife. Great coffee and the breakfast burrito was one of a kind. Best of luck finding a new home.

Adds Venesha: 

This is ridiculous! I am so tired of history being wiped out by corporate greed. We don't need another sushi place. Gypsy House has a place in the community and should be allowed to stay. I miss old Denver — not this new wannabe California/New York Denver.

Concludes Sonja: 

Nooooooo. Not only is this ridiculous that they are kicking them out. But the MURAL? F*** these new owners. How can you deface art? This cafe was Cap Hill for me when I moved out here eleven years ago. There goes the neighborhood. #gentrification

Have you been to the Gypsy House Cafe? It's not to late to visit this mainstay in Capitol Hill: It starts serving at 7 a.m this morning.

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