Reader: I never thought there could be too much locally brewed beer, but...

At least ten new craft brewers hope to open their doors in the metro area before the Great American Beer Festival kicks off on October 11 -- eight within Denver city limits alone. And there are many more to come, with plans for breweries up and down the Front Range. A river of beer runs through this town -- but can there be too much of a good thing?

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After reading Jonathan Shikes's post yesterday about the ten breweries trying to open before the GABF, Friendo writes:

I never thought there could be too much locally brewed beer and I always will root for small businesses, but this seems a little out of control. We shall see if there are enough thirsty beer drinkers to support this many offerings. My hunch is not everyone is going to make it.

If metro Denver's booming craft-beer industry goes through a bust, which breweries will survive? Which are your favorites in town?

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