Reader: I think Westword has to abandon the word "hipster"

Should Westword resolve to lock up the term "hipster" in our grandma's hope chest in 2014? We just reposted on Facebook our list of the ten best hipster restaurants in Denver , and the concept has gone from hip to hip replacements in just five weeks. See also: Ten best hipster restaurants in Denver

Says Elka:

So, everything that opened in the last five to ten years translates as "hipster." Hmm. Okay, well, I'm 40, no one in the wildest dreams would even begin to call me a hipster, and I like many of these places. I think Westword has to abandon the word "hipster." Your usage is deeply annoying.

AmandaBW takes it further:

Says It's cute that Westword is hiring interns from Ohio to write pieces about what's "cool" in Denver, but seriously, can we try being a little more contemporary? These places were "hip" five years ago, as was the term "hipster," but now this just shows how painfully out of touch this publication has become. Get it together, Westword. You are about as relevant as an episode of Golden Girls.

If "hipster" is five years out of date as a term, what has replaced it? And what have replaced these places as the most trendy in town?

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