Will the Good Son's Tom Selleck pizza make your head explode?EXPAND
Will the Good Son's Tom Selleck pizza make your head explode?
Danielle Lirette

Reader: I Think Westword Needs a New Food Critic

The U Baron Group has rewritten the script for its restaurant in the former Lowenstein Theater, reopening it earlier this year as The Good Son, which has a varied menu that includes nine kinds of Detroit-style pizza. When Gretchen Kurtz reviewed the Good Son, she enjoyed the pizza — but found some problems with consistency across the board at the revamped restaurant. Says Brian:

 i think Westword needs a new food critic. Gretchen seems to think every place she eats at should make her head explode with a food orgasm or something like that. Try the Romantix battery-powered section.

Have you tried the pizza at the Good Son? Did the Tom Selleck make your head explode? Where do you eat when you want your mind blown?

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