Reader: I used to love WaterCourse...now I'll have to find other options

After nearly six years at WaterCourse Foods, last week exec chef Rachel Kesley was let go. "It's complicated, but ultimately it came down to direction," she says. "I always gave 150 percent to my job....I put my heart and soul into that place, and it's actually really sad." What will her departure man for Denver's mainstay vegetarian restaurant?

See also: After nearly six years as exec chef at WaterCourse Foods, Rachel Kesley gets the boot

Says LeahH:

I used to love WaterCourse. But now that Rachel is gone, and now that they're charging $13 for my favorite sandwich...well, I'll have to find other options.

Sounds like Cantake8 already has:

It seriously sounds like she's unaware of what went wrong....I used to go to Watercourse all the time when they were located in the City' O digs, then in the new space it became an insider's club and I was not on the inside.

What do you think of WaterCourse these days? City, O' City? Read more about Kesley's departure here; City, O' City gets name-checked in our ongoing "hipster douchebag" restaurant discussion here.

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