Reader: I worked in the service industry, but eventually had to grow up

Last week, Josiah Hesse and Amber Taufen faced off in a point/counterpoint on tipping, and readers have continued the debate.

Here's the view from Philo99:

Nothing makes me laugh more than people who say "because you never worked in the service industry" Ha, yes I did work in the service industry, it was the easiest and most fun I've ever had working, but eventually I had to grow up and get a real job, where I have to show up every day and finish the day sober.

I'll tip 10% if the service is great. I would tip more if I felt my tip was going to the right people. A waiter or waitress has never made a great meal for me, that is done by the chefs and line cooks in the back. A server does nothing to make my meal better but plenty of incompetent ones have made my meal worse.

If you want to tip 20% for a great meal take a walk into the kitchen and tip the people responsible.

Do you tip? When, why...and how much? Post your thoughts below, or join the tipping conversation already under way here.

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