Reader: I'd rather a waitress know how to serve food instead of fire a gun

Heading to the Western Slope this weekend? Remember to pack your ammo if you stop by Shooters Grill in Rifle, because the waitresses are packing at this restaurant. And so can you, because the Shooters Facebook page proclaims that the place is "open carry." See also: Shooter's Grill waitresses are armed -- and so are many of the customers

Says Rocky:

How phucking stupid!! Not a chance this place would get my money.

Counters Melvin:

I would definitely eat there -- second amendment right. Hot chicks with good Glocks! Those who oppose are a bunch of little bitches who don't understand our constitution.

And here's how Richard sums it up:

I'd rather them know how to serve food efficiently.

Would you go to a restaurant where the staff -- and the customers -- are packing?

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