Reader: I'd rather sit inside than on a patio where panhandlers ask to finish your pizza

Summer's searing temperatures have finally been turned down, but this weekend will still be perfect patio weather. And there's nowhere better to enjoy it than at a ringside seat on the 16th Street Mall, which offers the city's best people-watching. This week, we served up our "Ten best patios on the 16th Street Mall" -- and, yes, there are many more than ten.

But while they're all good places to watch people and drink beer, are they places you want to eat?

Says Mantonat:

I'm not a fan of outdoor dining where vehicle traffic is within an arm's length of the edge of the patio (like that picture of Lucky Pie). Nor do I care for outdoor seating at venues where the interior ambience is one of the highlights of the dining experience (like the Kitchen). I'd much rather sit inside and enjoy good service and atmosphere than sit outside someplace where the staff forgets about you, where the traffic drowns out your conversation, or where panhandlers have no qualms about hovering over your table and asking if you're planning on finishing your pizza.

Do you like to eat on the mall? Drink there? What's your favorite spot? Post it below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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