Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Que serves good food in clean surroundings. Is that enough?
Roaming Buffalo Bar-B-Que serves good food in clean surroundings. Is that enough?
Mark Antonation

Reader: If a Place Has Good Food, People Will Come...If It's Clean, They'll Come Back

Yesterday the Fabulous MarkT pointed out a vicious cycle in the Denver dining scene:  "Folks say, 'Oh, Denver's food scene sucks, 'cause there's no good X food in town.' Then a good X restaurant opens, and no one goes to it. So then it closes, and once again we hear, 'Oh, there's no good X' for the bajillionth time." 

In response, Darnell 24 offers this:

If they had good food, people would come. If the food is good, and people still don't come, I can guarantee their premises are dirty and outdated, and the food is served slow or overpriced. Restaurants with great food, great management, and great marketing actually do quite well. I wouldn't go to Minnesota and expect to eat tasty green chile. I wouldn't go to Kansas and expect to eat good Cajun food either. 

And do you expect to eat good barbecue in Denver? We liked the food at Kings BBQ, but it recently closed its doors in Wheat Ridge. But at the same time, Roaming Buffalo opened up in the University of Denver neighborhood, where it's drawing rave reviews. In order to survive, does a restaurant simply need to serve good food in clean surroundings — in the right part of town? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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