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Reader: If a Shop Really Supports a Livable Wage, Why Not Lobby to Raise Minimum?

Talk about both tipping and raising the minimum wage is heating up. Famed New York restaurateur Danny Meyer announced last month that he's going to end tipping in his restaurants, pay higher wages — and simply charge more for the food. At Denver's Zoe Ma Ma, Edwin Zoe has taken another tack with his "sustainability initiative" fee. And on Tuesday, November 10, there will be a rally to raise the minimum wage to $15 starting at 4 p.m. at the City and County Building. That's a movement that this reader can get behind. Says Chris:
 If these shops were truly interested in a living wage, how about lobbying for full minimum wage for bars and restaurants? Hmmmmm?
Adds Jason:
 Would be a great perspective to read some interviews from the cook/wait staff...
No need to wait for interviews with cook and wait staff — just share your thoughts about tipping/minimum wage in the comments section. And will you be at the rally tomorrow?
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