Reader: If a steer made a better companion, it wouldn't wind up on the grill

Hot dog! There will be a new entree on the protest menu today: a giant, blow-up puppy on a bun that Mercy for Animals will serve up at the edge of Larimer Square, one of this city's hottest dining destinations, this morning, along with a banner asking this question: Why love one, but not the other? See also: Twelve best restaurants on Larimer Street

Here's Scott's answer to that question:

Animals don't have personal choice because they are our property. Almost none of the species we eat exist in nature, and none of them would survive for long if set free in the wild. They owe their existence to us, not that they know or care (hint: most animals are kinda dumb). That said, we should raise them and kill them humanely, eat a whole lot less of them than we currently do, and not judge others based on what they choose to put on their plates. I find tofu disgusting, but I'm not gonna make fun of a vegan for eating a hunk of it. And we don't eat dogs because we domesticated and bred them as companions, not as food. If a steer made a better companion, maybe it wouldn't end up on the grill.

But others aren't convinced. Says Micah Carmack:

This has inspired me to go into the mountains this weekend and protest against the inhumane slaughter of deer by cougars and mountain lions. It's time with stop the cruelty of nature against nature!

Read many more comments on Mercy For Animals here, where you can also post your own thoughts. Or simply share them below.


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.