Reader: If Alcohol Bars Are Legal, Why Not Cannabis Clubs?

After a proposal to establish spots where people could consume marijuana was pulled out of consideration last year, activists went back to the drawing board. And now Denver NORML has submitted a draft of the Responsible Use Initiative that would "legalize venues known as 'Private Marijuana Social Clubs' and establish a permitting process for special events where marijuana may be lawfully consumed by adults 21 years and older. Such clubs wouldn't distribute marijuana, and neither would they be 'a licensed alcohol premises or retail food establishment.'" The group's goal is to get it on the November ballot in Denver — and supporters are already lining up. Says Mark: 

If alcohol bars are legal, why not cannabis? It is a lot safer on every point, and it will generate tax revenue, employ people and provide a much-needed service.

Adds Shannon:

 Hell, yes, this would make an amazing social place for people whether it be with friends or making new friends. Just an idea: They could also make it have cool events or guests play little shows for entertainment. Just make sure y'all got munchies and great food, and we will all be fine. Maybe the idea will shut out the bars  —- most likely not, but it's a nice thought.

Concludes Naomi: 

It would be a lot more mellow than many bars around town, that's for sure. I can't visualize needing to be monitored by a police presence when it's time to close so that we don't shoot each other on the way home.

If Denver allows bars, do you think it should allow private marijuana social clubs? Should marijuana really be treated like alcohol, as the campaign for Amendment 64 argued?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.