Word of Mouth

Reader: If Denver Has Alcohol Bars, It Should Have Pot Bars, Too

The concept of allowing private marijuana clubs was resurrected last Friday, when Denver-NORML delivered the language for a citizen's initiative for the November ballot calling for such clubs to be allowed within city limits to the Denver City Attorney's Office. Once the language is approved, proponents will start collecting signatures — and they may not have much trouble gathering the required number. Says Nate:
That's what they do with alcohol bars, which is why we should have pot bars, too. It needs to be normal, not treated like a vulnerable, scared thing.
Responds Graham:
 I'm a smoker but I don't agree with this.

We don't need pot bars for the cops to chill at waiting for some stoned SOB to leave and ticket. Sounds like entrapment.
Concludes Whitney:
Then don't drive anywhere.
When Coloradans voted for Amendment 64, they signaled that they wanted marijuana treated like alcohol. Does that mean that they should be able to consume it the way people can in bars?
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