Reader: If drinkers toast the camera, you're not in a dive bar

Denver's great dive bars are disappearing -- but there are still many worthy of celebration, including Bar Bar (Carioca Cafe), which just won Best Dive Bar in the Best of Denver 2013. And there was stiff competition for that award, as evidenced by our list of the dozen best dive bars in Denver. That list brought back many fond memories from readers, including one from the son of a former owner of the Squire. It also inspired a few cries of outrage from those whose favorite watering hole did not make the list. Where's Don's? Lakeview Lounge? Barry's?

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And then there's this from Shane:

If most of the patrons bellied up to the bar will turn around and toast your camera you aren't in a dive bar.

What's your favorite dive bar in Denver? What long-gone place do you miss the most? Post your thoughts below, or drink up the dive-bar discussion already under way here.

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