Reader: If I only ate my own cooking, I wouldn't benefit from new ideas, tastes, textures

A few weeks ago, when a rash of readers were claiming that the best meals were made in their own kitchens, we asked what you wanted to read about on Cafe Society. Home cooks? Professional cooks? Good restaurants? Bad restaurants? National trends? Local trends?

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Even though I am a good home cook, there are nights I don't WANT to cook. Where I want to taste someone else's food, with a different flavor profile than my own. Sometimes I want to eat something other than what I can scrounge up in the grocery stores here without having to drive 50 miles to 15 different stores to get all the ingredients, all of which will be in packages too big for me to use in any reasonable amount of time. (Just where do you buy exactly 1 tsp chopped mint?)

And then there's cross-pollination, If I ate only my own cooking, I wouldn't benefit from new ideas, tastes, and textures -- many of which I have incorporated into my own dishes.

So why read Cafe Society? I want to keep up with what's happening with restaurants and food locally, and none of the national food rags seem to acknowledge anything in Denver, let alone Colorado, exists other than Frasca. I like being told about new restaurants, and why places I used to like closed. And Cafe Society doesn't take itself too seriously (and neither do I, frankly).

But we do take Denver's dining scene seriously! What would you like to read about on Cafe Society? Post your suggestions below.

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