Reader: If you don't like bars...move to the suburbs

While East Washington Park is in a tizzy over the

Brown Dog Pizza liquor-license application

(the very long, very big hearing was Tuesday night; the city has not yet made its decision), West Washington Park is debating what

Gary Lee's Motor Club and Grub

might do to that bucolic stretch of...Broadway?

Here's the take from bewilderbeast:

If I didn't want to live near a bar/nightclub/restaurant, I would move to the suburbs, come on people, if you are going to live anywhere near downtown or major street in Denver or any other city, quit crying if bars/restaurants come and go, it is just the way things go. I hate it when people cry about how their neighborhoods will be destroyed once a bar moves in, think about all the people who could walk to the bar and not drive home after. Good luck Gary Lee and look forward to the new place.

The Baker neighborhood is also considering Gary Lee's plans; read more comments from residents of those areas -- as well as comments about what neighborhoods they are, exactly -- here.

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