Reader: If you don't want attention, don't dine-and-dash

Readers are still pouring out stories about Denver Restaurant Week, as well as their opinions on wine-server etiquette and the ATM at the Vine Street Pub.

But the biggest, fattest discussion yesterday focused on the dine-and-dashers captured on video at Virgilio's Pizzeria & Wine Bar. RevBAFrederick weighed in with this:

I hate to break it to everyone but while you are out in a public restaurant there are never any rights to privacy. Hence the word "public." The only reason that restaurants and bars don't have cameras in bathrooms, where most criminal activity occurs, is because of obscenity laws. The reason why this man is so fat and feels so entitled while recklessly committing a felony of child abuse (using children in the act of committing a crime) is because of the sensitivity perpetuated by your "fat jokes are uncalled for" approaches. He creates higher costs in health insurance for those of us who manage our health properly, is creating a higher levy on food purchases because he steals (probably not his first time) and will now possibly pose more of a tax hike to insure he gets prosecuted properly when caught. So to that. let me say this: This fat fucking fuck needs to get his kids taken away before he turns them into more fat, entitled pieces of trash, and treated like the fat trash that he is within whatever is the appropriate form of punishment. Fat.

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