Reader: If you see "Philly cheesesteak," what you're ordering is not authentic

This week, Lori Midson served up the cheesesteak pictured above in Guess Where I'm Eating? In Philadelphia, cheesesteaks are a cultural obsession -- but in Denver, they're often an abomination, bearing no resemblance to the dish you can find all over Philadelphia. Still, even in that city, there are many frauds masquerading as the meaty sandwich.

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That's what sales422 says:

I was born and raised in Philly. WARNING! If you go someplace and you see the combination of words: "Philly cheesesteak" what you're ordering is not authentic. Most places outside of Philly use roast beef of all things. Sacrilege!

Going by the picture above, it looks like they use frozen Steak-Umms "meat". Low grade. The only reason why you'd smother a steak in CheezWiz is to cover the off-taste.

The 3 icons in Philly, Pat's, Geno's and Jim's, are for tourists and drunks at 3am. You come to Philly, you go out of your way for a top grade steak like Steve's which uses Top Round and it melts in your mouth.

BTW, no one, I mean no one says "wit" or "wit out" in Philly. Well, maybe some toothless meth addicts in "Soufilly"... Enjoy your Steak-Umms.

Have you found an authentic cheesesteak in Denver? Where?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.