Reader: If you skip Aurora, you're missing out on amazing food

On Monday, Visit Aurora launched its first online voter's choice poll, Aurora's Eats & Drinks, to pick that city's favorite restaurants. And while voting continues on the poll through March 11, Cafe Society readers are already weighing in -- some saying that they'd never eat in Aurora, others insisting that its array of restaurants is vastly underrated. See also: - Visit Aurora wants you to vote for the best restaurants in that town - Photos: A splashy, wood-fired Stefano Ferrara oven sets A-Town Pizza apart from its Aurora competition - Photos: Dry Dock Brewing kicks its can into new Aurora production facility

Says Mantonat:

Based on the other responses, I'm headed for the restaurants of Aurora immediately! I know one thing is certain - I won't run into any of you judgmental or close-minded sad sacks. Your loss though. You're missing out on amazing and unique food - African, Korean, Mexican, El Salvadoran, Afghani, Chinese, Indian, etc. As much as I love the diversity of Federal Blvd., it pales in comparison to a few stretches of Peoria, Parker Rd, or Havana.

What's your favorite spot in Aurora? Post it below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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