Reader: If you want real Mexican food, go to Federal or Colfax

On Monday, we shared the sentiments of a reader who can't find good Mexican food on South Broadway. Since then, other readers have been offering their own thoughts -- not just on spots to try (or avoid), but also of attitudes toward Mexican food in general.

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Says John Paul Rojas:

Most mainstream joints are mediocre at best. If you want real Mexican food, you need to venture on over to South Federal or East Colfax. Most of you gringos won't even bother with going and I don't blame you: They aren't exactly yuppie- friendly and they only speak Spanish. Fine by me. Keeps you a-holes from gentrifying all of the Denver metro areas.

El Tepehuan is pretty darn good and hey, guess what? it's been there far longer than most of the places mentioned besides El Tejado ( which is pretty darn good, too) even though they both carry gringo foods such as nachos and burritos. I would imagine finding good Mexican food is similar to Chinese people finding good Chinese. It's here -- you just have to know where to go and what to order. That menu thing is meant for the tastebuds of gringo Americans. I'm going to guess most of you don't like tripas (cow intestines) or barbacoa (roasted cow's head). So is there good Mexican food on South broadway. Yes. It's all a matter of perspective, tastes and comfort level.

And then there's this from Timothy:

If you live in Denver and complain about how far you have to travel to get good Mexican food, you are a snobby asshole.

When you want good Mexican food -- anywhere in metro Denver -- where do you go?

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.