Reader: If you want to raise minimum wage, don't bitch when McDonald's Value menu is $8

On Friday, protesters demonstrated outside the McDonald's on the 16th Street Mall, celebrating the new National Labor Review Board ruling that holds the corporation accountable for the level of wages paid at all of its restaurants, including fanchises, and calling for an increase in the minimum wage. There was just one particular problem with the choice of location for the protest: the owner already pays his employees more than minimum wage, and more than the standard McDonald's compensation. "We do a real nice job taking care of our employees," Tom Carlson said. "We are not a minimum-wage employer." See also: Protesters Picket Outside McDonald's on 16th Street for Higher Wages, Unionization" But that didn't appear to matter to these demonstrators, who want to see minimum wage raised to $15 an hour. And that led to this response from Eric:

For the people who are for this, please don't bitch when the VALUE menu starts at $8. Please don't tell me you thought Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgler were gonna magically shit the extra money to cover the higher wages.

Do you think the minimum wage should be raised? If so, how much more would you be willing to pay for a McDonald's burger?

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