Reader: I'll miss thinking Laura Shunk might be sitting next to me...

Along with her

last review

, of


, last week outgoing Cafe critic Laura Shunk served up her list of

"Denver spots I'll miss most."Colt & Gray

and other bars in LoHi figured prominently.

And that list inspired this from Aceranchero:

I'm going to miss the fact that somewhere in our neighborhood was a like-minded confederate that I knew by name in print only and that perhaps somewhere, on some night, you might have been sitting next to me in a bar or at the next table enjoying what an interesting food town Denver, and LoHi specifically, has become. I guess I'll never know for sure. Best wishes...

What do you miss when you're not in Denver? Post your thoughts below, or join the conversation under Laura Shunk's goodbye list.

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